Activists occupying vacant house in Dublin take over third property this evening

HOUSING ACTIVISTS WHO have been occupying a vacant house on North Frederick Street in Dublin for the past few weeks have occupied another property in the city centre.

Around 100 people gather on O’Connell Street this evening where they then marched to the property on Belvedere Court in the city.

A group of activists had initially occupied a property on Summerhill Parade. However, they left that premises on 17 August last after the owner secured a High Court injunction.

That day, activists gathered outside the Summerhill Parade property and then moved on to occupy 34 North Frederick Street.

In statements to the media, the occupiers said their actions are designed to highlight the current housing crisis.

On 28 August, the High Court ordered that all persons occupying the house must vacate it by 2pm the following day.

Justice Michael Quinn granted Patricia Ní Greil, the owner of 34 North Frederick Street, Dublin 1, injunctions requiring persons unknown to vacate and cease trespassing and get out of the four-storey building.

The court heard that the people involved are believed to have previously been in occupation of a property at Summerhill Parade, Ballybough, also in Dublin 1.

The activists, however, have since vowed not to leave the house despite the court order.

It’s understood that people are continuing to occupy the building.

Moving forward

In a social media event page for the occupation this evening, the activists said: “While occupations hold a special place in our hearts, this one is set to be a show-stopper.”

When asked by whether they could provide any indication as to where the property will be, the spokesperson said that “public representatives aren’t beyond targeting”.

The spokesperson noted the High Court injunctions to date, but said that “there has been no arrests or anything like that … I think people are wanting to keep ticking on”.


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