Groundbreaking Technology Transforms Greenhouse Gases Into Furniture, Phone Cases, and Plastic Bags

If there’s a symbol of the environmental destructiveness of our consumer culture, it’s plastic, made from carbon-spewing petroleum products. But what if bags, bottles, and other plastics could help save the environment, not destroy it? What if your laptop computer, smartphone case, and office furniture, rather than emitting planet-warming greenhouse gases, stored them instead? They... Continue Reading →

Now you can 3D print burritos

Marko Manriquez has designed the Burritob0t, an incredible 3D printer that can whip up an edible burrito in just a few minutes! The recent New York University graduate created the contraption as his thesis for NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications program. Manriquez describes the Burritob0t as the merging of gastronomy with digital fabrication. Could his invention eventually... Continue Reading →

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