Now you can 3D print burritos

Marko Manriquez has designed the Burritob0t, an incredible 3D printer that can whip up an edible burrito in just a few minutes! The recent New York University graduate created the contraption as his thesis for NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications program. Manriquez describes the Burritob0t as the merging of gastronomy with digital fabrication. Could his invention eventually... Continue Reading →

Inventor Trains Crows to Find Money

Hacker Josh Klein wowed attendees this weekend at TED — the Technology, Entertainment and Design conference — with his "crow vending machine," a device that gives the birds peanuts for depositing a coin. It's all part of Klein's plan to train crows to save human lives. Just wrapping up in Monterey, Calif., TED gives inventors... Continue Reading →

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