Amazon wants to turn small businesses into delivery companies

Are you an entrepreneur who specializes in selling handcrafted soaps and artisanal candles? Are you an entrepreneur who doesn't specialize in anything at all? Congratulations, you're pre-qualified to be America's next shipping magnate. At least, that's what Amazon wants you to believe. Amid soaring sales, the Seattle-based e-commerce giant launched the Amazon Delivery Service Partner... Continue Reading →

In ‘Major Step’ Toward Making Democratic Party More Democratic, DNC Votes to Roll Back Power of Superdelegates

In an important and long-overdue step toward making the Democratic Party more accountable to voters and less captive to the interests of establishment insiders, the Democratic National Committee's (DNC) Rules and Bylaws arm voted overwhelmingly on Wednesday to drastically curtail the influence of superdelegates by barring them from voting on the first ballot of the... Continue Reading →

U.S. Senate Votes To Legalize Hemp After Decades-Long Ban Under Marijuana Prohibition

The non-psychoactive cannabis cousin of marijuana would finally become legal to grow in the United States under a bill overwhelmingly approved by the Senate. The wide-ranging agriculture and food policy legislation known as the Farm Bill, passed by a vote of 86 - 11 on Thursday, contains provisions to legalize the cultivation, processing and sale of industrial hemp. The move,... Continue Reading →

Kennedy announces retirement from Supreme Court

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced on Wednesday that he is retiring after more than 30 years on the court, kicking off what is sure to be a vicious confirmation battle. Kennedy informed the president of his decision, effective July 31, in a letter, which the court's spokeswoman said he personally delivered to the White House... Continue Reading →

The 25 Most Innovative AgTech Startups In 2018

The problems facing America’s farmers in 2018 are as diverse as their crop varieties: Labor shortages. Soil health. Food spoilage. Trade wars. Lack of access to data on seed pricing, yield information, and even commodity forecasting. The good news? There is a veritable army of technologists and entrepreneurs working hard to solve these issues—and an... Continue Reading →

New helicopter on Mars could give new sights

When NASA’s next Mars rover lands on the Red Planet in 2021, it will deliver a groundbreaking technology demonstration: the first helicopter to ever fly on a planetary body other than Earth. This Mars Helicopter will demonstrate the first controlled, powered, sustained flight on another world. It could also pave the way for future missions... Continue Reading →

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