WATCH: Louisiana cops pulling man off tractor and choking him to death for expired warrant

New video obtained by The Advocate shows the botched arrest of a Louisiana man who was killed by police in what experts describe as excessive force.

Armando Frank, 44, was wrestled off a tractor at Walmart by police serving an arrest warrant on him in October 2017.

Armando Frank, 44, was being arrested on a warrant for minor charges stemming from a neighbor dispute. The charges of simple criminal trespassing and attempted unauthorized entry into a dwelling and had resulted in court-ordered treatment at VA hospital.

Frank died from manual strangulation after the encounter shown in the video. In the video, a law enforcement officer climbs on the tractor behind Frank and applies a choke hold while another officer tries to pull Frank down. Frank goes limp, and the officers drag his lifeless body to a patrol car.

The Advocate had the video reviewed by Gregory Gilbertson, director of the criminal justice program at Centralia College in Washington state. Gilbertson pointed out that Frank was trying to find out what he was being arrested for and who signed the warrant. Instead, sheriff’s deputy Brandon Spillman put him in a lateral vascular neck restraint, which cuts off airflow and is therefore, “typically a last resort,” according to Gilbertson.

The Advocate also talked to another criminologist who said the cops were right to kill Frank if they needed to do so while serving an invalid arrest warrant.

Philip Stinson is a high-school drop-out who was able to work as a police officer before becoming a professor of criminal justice at Bowling Green State University in Ohio.

The former cop said that Frank had to comply.

“When a police officer says that they have a warrant for you, you need to get off the tractor and come with us, that’s not negotiable. You can’t negotiate that, even if it turns out there wasn’t a warrant or it was an invalid warrant,” the former cop said.

Watch here:


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