Walmart’s New Cashier-Free Store And The Need For Universal Basic Income

After Amazon’s “Amazon Go” 100% self-service stores with no cashiers and cameras tracking the purchases, now Walmart is opening a store without any cashier personnel in it.

It’s seems like employee-free stores are coming, and they’re coming at a massive scale, the market is definitely not ready for it – for the simple fact that in 2018 there’s still the ideology that only a job can make you a living.

You see, the issue with that ideology is that it doesn’t have in mind wealth created by robots and automation, that can result to a really bad situation for inequality if we don’t consider a universal basic income (UBI).

According to surveys conducted in the UK and America, between a quarter and a third of people believe what they do for a living makes no meaningful contribution to society.

As automation is seemingly on the verge of replacing almost every job on the planet, it is appropriate to ask whether most jobs need to be done by humans at all.

We don’t have to create useless jobs just to fulfill an ideology, instead a universal basic income would provide people with the basic resources to choose the right job for them, or even start their own business.

Many people who started their own business endorsed universal basic income, some of those people are Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Tesla’s Founder and CEO, Elon Musk.

A research “indicates that UBI may have a revolutionary effect on stress among those in and out of work, raising health and, potentially, productivity in the process.”, according to a report by labourlist mentions.

So a universal basic income would not only solve the issue of poverty and useless jobs, it is proven that a UBI will reduce poverty and free us from work-related stress.


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