Second Anonymous Op-Ed by Senior WH Official Published

A second anonymously authored op-ed has been released on the website of Fox & Friends online, denying claims made in an op-ed released last week.

We have obtained a copy of both the letter and Fox & Friends’ note accompanying the released version. Both follow.

Late last week, the NY Times published an anonymously written op-ed, purportedly from a “senior White House official,” that painted a picture of a chaotic White House and an unstable president at the helm. Following publication, Fox & Friends was contacted by a different, high-level, senior White House official with a response. The person contacting us is known to Fox & Friends, and with our reputation for honesty being on the line, we can assure you this person is real and is indeed newsworthy. To protect this person’s identity, we took the unusual step of allowing the person to dictate the letter to us via telephone. Below is an unedited transcript of the dictated letter:

To Whom It May Concern,

Last week, the failing New York Times…and believe me, they’re failing..very sad…they published a letter criticizing the Trump administration. The letter was written by a coward. Probably someone who doesn’t like Trump, because they are part of the crooked swamp. So I call them the ‘crooked coward.’ I like that. Crooked coward. This crooked coward said that Trump has a leadership style that is petty and ineffective. Can you believe it? They really wrote that. Sad. Everybody knows Trump is the most successful real estate developer in the history of the world. And he created the greatest show ever to appear on television. As soon as he left, the ratings went down. Without Trump, the show is boring. If you want to see bad management style, just look at Obama. The worst. The absolute worst. Horrible trade deals. NAFTA, which was the worst deal ever. The Iran deal, which was also the worst deal ever. Two worst deals, and the fake media knows it but they won’t report it, because they don’t like Trump.

Since that letter was published, many people, many, many people…thousands of White House staffers in fact, have come to me to tell me that working for Trump is the greatest thing they will ever accomplish in their life. I tell them, well…I don’t know, the greatest? I mean you’re young, you’re smart, you’ve got a terrific figure, so maybe there’s even greater things in your future. Probably not, but maybe.

If Trump is so bad, how did he turn around the economy so fast? And black unemployment is at a record low. Hispanic too. And the women. Soon the women unemployment will be the lowest ever. They can’t say that about Obama. So they won’t say it about Trump. Sad.

The letter by the crooked coward brings up Russher almost immediately. I think it’s the first word even. Maybe not, but probably. It’s close to the first word anyway. Everyone knows the Russher thing is fake. It’s a rigged witch hunt and an excuse for the Democrat party for losing an election they probably should’ve won…and they might have if they weren’t running against Trump. But the Russher thing…bringing that up proves this person, if they are even real…and nobody knows…the New York Times won’t tell, and Jeff Sessions, who has been a huge disappointment on so many levels, won’t find out who it is….but they are deep state. They are probably an Obama holdover put here by lying James Comey or Crooked Bob Mueller. Crooked Bob. Very sad. And what he is doing to Flynn and Manafort is a disgrace.

So the letter is fake. It is like the fake dossier, the fake, horrible, disgusting media…who have been very unfair to Trump. Very unfair. And the New York Times publishes it. They will probably have to apologize for this too. They had to apologize after the election for saying Trump won’t win. They kept saying it over and over, “Trump won’t win.” Then they had to apologize. Even other media people called Trump, many of them, and said “Mr. President, you are probably the greatest President since George Washington…and even probably better than him frankly, but we can’t say that. They won’t let us.” That’s wrong. We need to fix that. Maybe Trump will change the libel laws so if the fake news media makes something bad up about Trump, they’re fired and they are sued. They should do that.

Let me close by saying I love Trump. I love working for him. Many, many people do. And the American people know that he is doing a great job. I’d give him an A. I’d give him an A+ but there are cowards trying to stop him. The swamp isn’t giving up without a fight. But it will, and he will get an A+ for making America great again.




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