Basic Income caused crime to drop by 40% and strengthened workforce

There is one main reason that most robbery crimes are happening that often, people have no access to basic survival money.

Of course, there are thefts and criminals which do that anyway, that’s why with UBI we should have more strict laws for criminals, but the majority of the everyday thefts are poor people who just can’t afford to survive.

40% less crime

With a UBI in place, the amount of people who are forced to steal or even kill for money will be dramatically decreased.

According to a research, basic income experiments have resulted in increased social cohesion. Studies have shown increased school attendance after the introduction of a basic income-type grant.

In Namibia, there was about a 40 percent drop in crime in areas where the UBI was introduced. Suicides would also decrease, as the most of them are result of depression, which is mostly caused by anxiety about survival.

Inequality reduction

Overall, a universal basic income would make the society which will apply not only the best in the world, but also the happiest, as people will be free to do their dream job, or start their own businesses.

“UBI would not cause people to leave the workforce”

New research from the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy suggests that a universal basic income would not cause people to leave the workforce.

“Jones and Marinescu conclude that more research needs to be done to analyze UBI proposals, including the effects of proposed funding models and possible impacts on the prices of local goods.

They found that a major component, called the unconditional cash transfer, has no effect on aggregate employment.”, is also being mentioned.

“A Basic Income could be the foundation of a much stronger family. Less-stressed, less-overworked parents, better able to fit their careers around their family life”, a quora member answered when asked about the UBI.

Most research demonstrates that overall people will not work less, and in some cases may work more if it benefits them, under a basic.


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