Amazon is giving Prime members a 10% discount at Whole Foods

Amazon is giving Prime members 10% off sale items at Whole Foods and weekly discounts on best-selling items.

The deals are starting Wednesday, but only at stores in Florida.

The discounts will hit Whole Foods stores nationwide by this summer, Amazon said.

To take advantage of the deals, Prime members must scan their Whole Foods app at checkout or provide their phone number, as long as that number is linked to their Prime account.

Amazon said the 10% discount on sale items would apply to hundreds of products throughout the store.

Here are the weekly deals — which apply to best-selling items — that are available in Florida stores until May 22:

• Sustainably sourced, wild-caught halibut steaks: $9.99/lb., save $10/lb.

• Organic strawberries: 1 lb. for $2.99, save $2

• Cold brew coffee at Allegro coffee bars: 50% off 16 oz.

• KIND granola: 11 oz. bag 2/$6

• 365 Everyday Value sparkling water: 12-pack case buy one, get one free

• Magic Mushroom Powder: 50% off


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