Homeless People Were Asked To Write Down A Fact About Themselves. Their Answers May Surprise You

A Florida based charity called Rethink Homelessness is behind a campaign to educate people on the plight of homeless people. They asked local homeless people to write down something about themselves that people wouldn’t know by just walking past them.

The homeless problem in America is becoming increasingly worse year on year. We are all well aware that the cost of living has increased tremendously in the last decade and getting on your feet sometimes becomes an impossible dream for many. We do not know all the reasons these people are homeless but we do know that it is a plight that can be helped with time and a concerted effort. Figures show that the longer someone stays homeless the harder it becomes for them to get out.

We all have a story. We are no better than anyone else. We are simply given different circumstances. Some times people just need a chance, some life skills and an opportunity to be allowed to start again. We are all people and deserve respect. Never judge people, no one really knows what someone’s journey has taken them through.

Rethink Homelessness made this video to dispel the common notion that homeless people are simply on drugs or alcohol. The project to raise awareness is both simple and powerful. All the people were genuine homeless people in the streets of Orlando and were asked to write down a fact about themselves that other people wouldn’t know just by simply walking past them. These are their Cardboard Stories.

Learn more here https://www.facebook.com/RethinkHomelessness

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