Amazing New Energy Tower in Denmark Generates Electricity From Trash

Dutch architect Erick van Egeraat just unveiled an amazing new power plant in Roskilde that will generate energy from waste! The newly opened Energy Tower will produce both electricity and heat through the process of incineration, and it features a perforated double-layer façade that will glow throughout the night.

Roskilde’s new power plant will incinerate rubbish from nine local municipalities as well as selected international locations to generate electricity and heat for the historic city. The building’s unique façade is made up from two different layers – a climatic barrier and an outer skin made from punched aluminum.

This dramatic second skin is made from umber-hued aluminum plates that feature laser-cut holes that allow light to shine through. The architect explains: “At night the backlight perforated façade transforms the incinerator into a gently glowing beacon – a symbol of the plant’s energy production.” He continues, “Several times an hour a spark of light will gradually grow into a burning flame that lights up the entire building. When the metaphorical fire ceases, the building falls back into a state of burning embers.” Brilliant.

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