Luna ‘Washing ball’ could turn your laundry basket into a washing machine

The idea has already been selected as a finalist in the prestigious Electrolux Design Lab contest.

Luna is an electrostatic spherical washing machine.

‘The idea is not to put the clothes into a washing machine, but rather, the washing machine between the dirty clothes,’ says Juan Camilo Restrepo Villamizar of Colombia Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, who developed the design.

He claims consumers will be won over by its ease of use, but also the environmental advantages.

‘Users are increasingly aware of the care of the planet. ‘Luna renews the fabric care experience, in a simple, elegant and sustainable way, he said.

‘The sphere reduces the consumption of water and energy, optimizes time and reduces the effort required in washing and fabric care.

‘These are the reasons why Luna will be part of the lives of the users of the future and of the transformation of the homes, in healthy homes.’

The Luna concept is a metallic sphere with a small amount of water in it. It creates a cloud of fine particles of steam electrostatically charged, which comes out through pores of the metal surface.

It then rotates and moves between clothes through vibrations and pulses designed to scrub and shake tissues, loosening dirt.

The metallic surface of the sphere acts as a magnet: electrostatically charged, it attracts dirt particles impregnated with steam and sucks these towards the core of the sphere. Finally, Luna dries with hot air the residual damp in the tissues.

The idea is one of 100 out of more than 1,700 submissions have been selected by experts from Electrolux to compete for participation in the next stage in the global design competition.

The main prize is 5,000 Euros and a six-month paid internship at an Electrolux global design center.

The theme for 2014 is Creating Healthy Homes with three focus areas, Culinary Enjoyment, Fabric Care and Air Purification.

‘We are excited to open up the voting to the public and our employees around the world,’ said Lars Erikson, Electrolux Head of Group Design. ‘We received some really innovative, visually inspiring concepts based on this year’s theme.

‘They range from appliances to smart accessories to holistic concepts, and support consumers in living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.’

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