Watch: Premiere of Joelistics – ‘Everyone Everything’

Welcome to the weirder side of the new Joelistics’ record. Everyone Everything is a stream of consciousness ride across stark break beats and shifting musical landscapes.

As Joelistics explains “‘Everyone Everything’ was written with Ptero Stylus after gorging on old Beastie Boys, El-P and Serge Gainsberg. We wrote the track like an experiment.Making four different parts, all unrelated, all in the same key and tempo. We then pieced the song together like a collage. I wrote the lyrics around Brave New World and Breakfast of Champions. It’s about everyone and everything and nothing and no one, trying to maintain the same content and spirit as the music. The film clip was based on Adam Curtis documentaries and made with Tim Parrish (The maker of Heart Remains film clip). The last part of the song in French is a recipe for Creme Brulee made for monkeys.”

Drawing on influences from ‘80s-era English post punk and ‘90s grunge through to hip hop, the Melbourne-based MC, producer and singer channels the flow of legendary rapper El-P with free-styling funk jazz instrumentation, an undeniably killer combination. If this is the future of local hip hop, we’re excited!

‘Everyone Everything’ is taken from upcoming album Blue Volume, set for release via Elefant Traks June 20.

Joelistics and Dialectrix ‘In The Morning’ Tour Dates

Friday 16 May | Republic Bar, Hobart
Thursday 22 May | Small Ballroom, Newcastle
Friday 23 May | The Roller Den, Sydney
Saturday 24 May | Baroque Room, Katoomba
Friday 30 May | Tempo Hotel, Brisbane
Saturday 31 May | Sol Bar, Maroochydore
Saturday 14 June | Workers Club, Fitzroy

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