Netflix Roulette will help you decide what to watch tonight

Netflix Roulette will help you decide what to watch tonight


Sure, Netflix has a seemingly endless library of content and a neural network specifically built to recommend content that you’d be interested in. Does that make it any easier to choose what to watch? Not always. Netflix Roulette is a much simpler randomizer for all of the content available to you, but sometimes you need a little random in your life.

If you have a Netflix account, there’s a good chance you’ve found yourself completing that third lap around the carousel looking for something to watch. It’s not that Netflix is low on content, and unless you are the craziest of binge watchers it’s not even like you’ve seen everything. Sometimes the cover art doesn’t seem appealing, or the description doesn’t strike your mood, and you just pass it by. You’re not alone in this experience, in fact you are surrounded by those who share this pain. Fortunately, someone has saved us from ourselves with Netflix Roulette.

It’s a simple website with a simple job. You choose a genre, click the big friendly button, and the website will spit out a single option for you to watch. If you don’t want to watch that you can hit the button again, or you can be taken right to that video file on your computer and start watching.

It’s not the best solution if you’re a set top box or Chromecast user, but it’s the best option out there to just have something presented to you as an option to watch instead of the endless digital shelves Netflix offers.

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