How Much it Would Cost for the Entire Planet to Switch to Renewable Energy

What does it cost to ‘go green’ around the world? An infographic seeks to answer the question.

The infographic published by QuickQuid on, which states that the use of non-renewable sources of fuel is not sustainable, begins by revealing the amount of fuel used every year around the world: 8,677m tonnes of oil equivalent. That’s the energy equivalent of 2,795 hurricanes, according to the infographic.

Next, sources of non-renewable fuel are listed, with oil being the most common, and then the cost of producing non-renewable fuels per year, which comes to stg£1.22trn.

The infographic also includes other stats and figures, such as 2112 is the year researchers believe we will run out of non-renewable fuels, and what we need to derive 100pc of our energy from renewable sources.

See the infographic here

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