Twelve Technologies Taking Us Toward A World Without Money

As more and more jobs are shed on a daily basis, it’s no wonder why an increasing amount of people are leaning toward the prospect of a moneyless society and resource based economy. Usually, as a general rule, we, as a society, are only presented with a problem when (and only when) the solution for that problem also exists. But in this case, many of the things actually causing the problems are also going to be the very same things that give us our solutions, as well. As more and more labor is replaced by robotics and automated systems, it will only become ever more increasingly apparent that we as a society will soon have a very large disconnect between our actual production capacity and the labor needed to produce those goods. Hence, if we are to avoid complete collapse of our system, we must leave some of our old ways of thinking behind and change our frame of mind from one of survival depending upon compensation for labor, to thriving upon the abundance of resources and goods we have created.

Here are just a few of the technologies that are either already producing this shift, or will greatly accelerate it in the years to come.

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