Fully-animated, feature-length film about the history, technology, regulation and social effects of media

BEWARE OF IMAGES is a feature-length, animated documentary about the history of visual representation. The movie explores the intricate relationship between the technology, regulation and social effects of media.

From cave paintings to video games, BEWARE OF IMAGES will take its audience on a fascinating journey that is insightful, harrowing and hopeful.

The film is divided in 14 chapters, which deal with a variety of interconnected subjects such as: the history of visual language and its application to propaganda, gender and cultural stereotypes, media violence, the emergence of broadcasting technologies, the rise of modern advertising, the commercial takeover of the public airwaves, the consolidation and cultural consequences of media conglomerates, the effects of intellectual property on innovation and creativity, the information economy, Net Neutrality and the future of the open Internet.

See the campaign here https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/448797059/beware-of-images

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