Mom Turns To Kickstarter For Help With Son’s Cerebral Palsy

Mom Turns To Kickstarter For Help With Son’s Cerebral Palsy

Looking for a way to pay for treatment for her son with cerebral palsy, one Oregon mom decided to write a book and turned to to fund it. Even she was surprised by the result.

Former journalist Shasta Kearns Moore wrote “Dark & Light: A love story for babies,” after noticing that her 2-year-old twin boys loved simple books with little text and silhouettes rather than intricate illustrations.

The Portland-area mom hoped that the board book could help fund costly therapies that are helping one of her twins, Malachi Millard, who has cerebral palsy.

Rather than look for a publisher, Kearns Moore started a Kickstarter campaign asking everyday people to pledge money toward publication of the book. She hoped to raise $5,000, but has far surpassed that initial goal.

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