3DPrinted Guns & U.S. Tragedy

3DPrinted Guns & U.S. Tragedy

Last  week the “Wiki Weapon” test-fired an AR-15 assault rifle made with a 3D printed lower receiver and had six successful shots. With the tragic events of the past days in the United States, Gun Law has been brought into the public consciousness in an even more intense, sorrowful and passionate way than ever before. The advent of home 3Dprinted guns in now more pertinent an issue than ever.

Though some gun experts have questioned whether the 3Dprinted plastics could stand the stresses of a gun firing, theoretically in the very near future any 3Dprinter owner is able to print any gun parts at home. In US you can legally manufacture a firearm as long as you don’t manufacture it for sale, but in all the others countries there are still strict gun laws. 
3Dprinted gun could indeed disrupt gun control. What will happen when guns could be spread beyond all control?

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