Exhausted? Survey Says 87% Are Overworking

Exhausted? Survey Says 87% Are Overworking

Feeling overworked? You’re not alone. In fact, according to a vast majority of a recent survey’s 1,915 U.S. respondents, overworking has become the norm in today’s workplace.

The survey, conducted by social project management software providerWrike, found that 87% of workers, from business owners to freelancers, say they overwork on a regular basis. Perhaps the most surprising result of the survey is that even though that large percentage feels overworked, 42% of all the respondents still feel satisfied with their work/life balance.

As you can see in the infographic below, one apparent stress reducer is being a team member, where 50.8% of those describing themselves as such feel more satisfied with their work/life balance.

As we suspected, a surefire way to boost the morale of those who feel like they’re working too hard is to give them ownership of a project, or let them feel a sense of responsibility, where 76.8% said that would increase their efficiency.

One part of the survey that didn’t surprise us was the biggest hit on productivity: interruptions. That’s not easy to fix, given the constant barrage of information from tweets, Facebook, email and coworkers stopping by your desk to shoot the breeze.

How about it, readers? Do you feel overworked, and if so, what do you do to boost your morale? Do the results of this survey ring true for your work situation?


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