Minds.com – Free & Open Source Social Video Revolution

Minds.com – Free & Open Source Social Video Revolution

Imagine a place for creating, remixing and sharing all forms of media where voting decides featured content and site evolution.

At Minds.com, all uploaded content is licensed under free and open source licenses and everyone on Earth is granted equal access.  Here there is no need to worry about confusing and outdated copyright laws and you have the freedom to share. Users are able to download, remix, and repost anything hosted on Minds.  Of course we still support embedding and sharing links to copyrighted media from the web, so users are free to post content circulating on other networks. 

Featured Elements

  • Creative Commons Media Archive (Video, Audio, Files, Text, Images, Code)
  • Mobile Apps on Android and iOS, Web App
  • Video Recording
  • Live Streaming
  • Social Network
  • Online Video Gatherings
  • Images
  • Blogs
  • Market
  • Groups
  • Voting
  • Event Calendar
  • Free & Open Source Code 



http://Minds.com is a breakthrough campaign for the crowd because:

* We are not just an idea, we are a reality that has been in development for 2 years.  Our site is up and is ready for Users!

* We are a paradigm shift in the social web experience.  The core purpose of Minds is to contribute content to the crowd so everyone has universal access to information and internet freedom.  Established networks take the opposite approach and imprison user content, occasionally even applying their own licenses to user-created content.


What We Need & What You Get

The reality is that Minds needs a lot more than $75,000 so we are hoping to go 1000% over our goal.  Here is our budget estimation for the first Quarter of the year incorporating user growth that will get us to a sustainable state:

Human power: $75,000

Cloud servers : $100,000

Other infrastructure: $25,000

-7% various fees

1. As traffic and the archive grows, the costs of servers and storage goes up.  We are currently deployed on enterprise class cloud systems and plan to initially scale out there.  Once we have a large enough user base we will consider creating our own open source data center.

2. We are also trying to expand our core team to develop the site as fast as possible.  We want to create an environment where global developers and directors can contribute code and media to the site effortlessly. 


Other Ways You Can Help

Request early access now no matter what at http://minds.com whether you contribute money or not! The more people we have on the waiting list, the better chance we have of raising more funds to let more users in!  Also take a look around! Lots of site material is open to the public to view already.

Share the campaign with your networks! 



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