WTC Bone Fragments Still Surface a Decade After 9/11

WTC Bone Fragments Still Surface a Decade After 9/11

A recent New York Times article revealed that a decade after 9/11, small fragments of human remains from victims of the World Trade Center attack are still being identified. This adds to the documented evidence of the severe destruction of the bodies of WTC victims, a phenomenon that could only have been caused by explosives. 

According to the NYC medical examiner’s office, remains are being identified almost every day.

This excerpt from the article reveals how harrowing the ongoing recovery of human remains has been on the families of 9/11 victims:

When Sean Tallon, a firefighter, was identified, his family never considered the possibility that there might be additional calls.

“We were so relieved to have part of him to put in the coffin that it didn’t matter how much it was at that stage,” Mr. Tallon’s sister, Rosaleen Tallon, said. But for three years, the family received calls from the medical examiner’s office as more of his remains were identified.

“I had a cry” after each call, Mr. Tallon’s mother, Eileen Tallon, said. The family eventually conducted a second funeral, opening the grave and placing the new remains in a small wooden box just above his coffin.”

Firefighter Sean Tallon is just one of many WTC victims whose remains are still being found

This is only one of hundreds of news articles that have reported on the recovery and identification of WTC bone fragments and other human remains from Ground Zero over the last ten years.

For example, a search in 2010 found 76 more fragments of remains on the roof of the 40-story Deutsche Bank building 250 feet from the South Tower. Previously, over 750 human bone fragments, each less than a half-inch long, were collected from this roof. 

Amidst the ongoing efforts to collect and identify these remains, there is one important question that investigators have neglected to ask: How were the victims’ remains pulverized?

• Around 22,000 individual fragments of human remains have been found. 
• 9,000 remains have yet to be connected to a victim.

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