U.S. News: All 9 Wounded in Empire State Building Shooting Hit by NYPD

U.S. News: All 9 Wounded in Empire State Building Shooting Hit by NYPD

After Friday’s deadly shooting outside the Empire State Building reports are surfacing that many of the victims may have been shot by New York City police officers rather than the suspected gunman. Referring to the victims Mayor Michael Bloomberg said…


“ … some may have been shot accidentally by police officers who responded immediately, and while confronting the suspect and fatally shooting him, unfortunately there may have been other victims as well.”    

NYPD Police commissioner Ray Kelly went on to clarify the Mayor’s statements pointing out the wounded weren’t shot directly by police, but rather were hit by bullets ricocheting off“flower pots and other objects.”


Bystanders were caught in the line of fire after police had been notified by a construction worker that the suspect, 58-year-old Jeffrey Johnson, had reportedly shot former co-worker 41-year-old Steven Ercolino. When police attempted to approach the suspect he pulled a gun, prompting police to open fire. CBS has the video. Warning, what you’re about to see is graphic in nature.


The two officers that approached the suspect reportedly shot 16 rounds total. Nine by one officer and seven by the other. According to Lou Palumbo, a former police officer and director of a private security firm, their actions were appropriate for the situation — despite the consequences. He told CNN’s Anderson Cooper…


“Unfortunately, this is the type of scenario where you have what you would refer to as an active shooter… Police have no alternative but to engage him and subsequently what we’ve experienced is what we also refer to as collateral damage.”  

At least one of the victims isn’t holding a grudge after the shooting. When asked how he felt about being shot by police rather than the suspect 23-year-old Robert Asika, was indifferent, telling BuzzFeed

“I guess, you know, stuff happens.”


Officials have said that all of the wounded are expected to recover.

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