The world is rapidly changing, and giving people free money might help them adjust

What if, at the start of every month, you received in your mailbox a check from the federal government that you could do with as you please? No strings attached, just cash for you and your family. This regular infusion to your bank account could range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to maybe even... Continue Reading →

The robots are here fir your jobs

LAST YEAR, THE Japanese company SoftBank opened a cell phone store in Tokyo and staffed it entirely with sales associates named Pepper. This wasn’t as hard as it sounds, since all the Peppers were robots. Humanoid robots, to be more precise, which SoftBank describes as “kindly, endearing, and surprising.” Each Pepper is equipped with three... Continue Reading →

Daydreaming could be a sign of creativity and intelligence

Daydreaming may indicate intelligence and creativity, according to new research. “People with efficient brains may have too much brain capacity to stop their minds from wandering,” says Eric Schumacher, an associate psychology professor from Georgia Tech and coauthor of a new study. Schumacher and his students and colleagues, including lead coauthor Christine Godwin, measured the... Continue Reading →

DARPA Invents Wheels That Instantly Morph Into Triangular Tank Tracks

DARPA, the Pentagon's mad science wing, is revolutionizing how ground vehicles move across rough terrain. Its latest breakthrough: round tires that transform into triangular tank tracks in two seconds, without the vehicle needing to come to a stop. The three things that matter most for tanks are firepower, protection, and mobility. A combat vehicle... Continue Reading →

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