How urban farms in New York schools are raising food to fight inequality

It’s the type of experience expected at a top-rated restaurant: Diners gaze at produce growing in a hydroponic garden next to the kitchen. Behind plexiglass, herbs are carefully plucked in anticipation of being added to every plate. This high-tech take on farm-to-table, however, is being built for the cafeteria of a New York City public... Continue Reading →

Medicare for All Is Officially Winning

Donald Trump and the Republican candidates he is struggling to shore up in the election are so afraid of the momentum in favor of Medicare for All that they are now lying about this practically, economically, and morally necessary health-care reform. It is always troubling when a president lies. It is also troubling when the... Continue Reading →

Innovative Single-Person Spacecraft Design Passes Leak Test (Exclusive)

A spacecraft designed to eventually replace many spacewalking astronaut activities passed two key pressure tests in September, representatives from the company building the spacecraft told in an exclusive interview. The spacecraft concept from Maryland-based Genesis Engineering Solutions is just big enough for one person; an astronaut would float inside the spacecraft for several hours... Continue Reading →

Will Artificial Intelligence Kill Work?

As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes better at performing narrow tasks traditionally done by humans, how will governments create policies to protect peoples’ livelihoods? Should it be up to governments to do so or will it create a new generation of entrepreneurs? Will AI create a new breed of welfare recipients or will it spur governments... Continue Reading →

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