Ofcom publishes complaints data, including pay TV

Ofcom today published its latest complaints data, covering telecoms providers and, for the first time, pay TV services.

The fifth quarterly report shows which providers have generated the most complaints to Ofcom1. The research aims to provide useful information for consumers and also to incentivise operators to improve their performance.

Since the report was first published in April 2011, it has included telecoms companies providing broadband, landline and mobile telephone services. This report, covering the first quarter of 2012, is the first to include complaints relating to the provision of pay TV services.

The data covers telecoms and pay TV providers with a market share greater than 4 per cent2. For pay TV, this accounts for three companies: Sky, Virgin Media and BT Vision.
The telecoms data now covers 18 months, allowing consumers to check providers’ performance over a sustained period of time.

Overall, complaint levels are much lower for pay TV and mobile telephony than for landline telephony and broadband services.


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