There will still be jobs in the future. Just make sure your child is ready for them.

Parents worry about a lot of things—like whether their children will get into college, or become drug addicts, or get abducted by strangers. But I spend a lot more time worrying that my children are going to live with us forever because robots have taken all their potential jobs. As somebody who has spent her... Continue Reading →

Who Will Pay for the Zero Marginal Cost Society?

Jeremy Rifkin’s book, The Zero Marginal Cost Society, is at times thrilling, at times encyclopedic, and at times possibly hyperbolic. It is very well-written, it touches on an incredibly wide variety of modern topics, it builds on an exhaustive set of references, and most importantly it makes you think seriously about the future. You cannot... Continue Reading →

Andrew Yang: “Automation Gave us Trump”

Andrew Yang is an American entrepreneur who will run for president in 2020, a universal basic income for all adult Americans is the main objective of his agenda. Recently, Yang discussed the automation of jobs in swing states that led to Trump’s election. Andrew argues that the districts that swung to Trump most have a direct correlation... Continue Reading →

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