A wearable device that vibrates fingertip could improve wearer’s touch

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEdr6iY6F-w The glove looks humdrum, like a garment you might pick up at a sporting-goods store. It’s made of soft black leather and fingerless, like a cyclist’s or weightlifter’s glove. The similarity is, however, deceiving. “I have a glove that can teach you how to play a piano melody,” Thad Starner declares when I call... Continue Reading →

Guaranteed Annual Income Could End U.S. PovertyMost Americans are familiar with Martin Luther King, Jr’s dream of ending racial segregation in the United States. However, Martin Luther King Jr. had another dream that is less well known. Before King was assassinated, he advocated a guaranteed annual income for every American, so that nobody would have to live in... Continue Reading →

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