LHC atom smasher creates new kind of matterCollisions between particles inside the Large Hadron Collider atom smasher have created what looks like a new form of matter.The new kind of matter is called color-glass condensate, and is a liquidlike wave of gluons, which are elementary particles related to the strong force that sticks quarks together inside... Continue Reading →

SPACEX LAUNCHES TO ISS IN HD: GOTTA-SEE VIDEOCommercial space is setting itself up to revolutionize travel into the final frontier. SpaceX is one of just a handful of successful companies and the only one looking to fulfill resupply missions to the International Space Station (ISS), keeping the American astronauts accessible with American rockets.This video, put... Continue Reading →

3D Printing New Body PartsUltimaker is a Dutch company producing affordable, open source 3D printers. They have close ties to local hackerspaces and eagerly promote collaboration and innovative, open uses of their product. Recently, they shared a story of a Dutch medical researcher, Ernst Jan Bos, who is using the Ultimaker 3D printer to create “scaffolding” upon which... Continue Reading →

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